Bio: I am a book reviewer, and adding book blogger now to the resume! I am also joining the team of Booktrope to dip my toes into the Book Market Managing side of life surrounded by books. I look forward to helping many Authors spread the word and market their books to be successful! This is my book blogging Facebook Page: My goodreads page where I share all my reviews is I am also found on twitter at dolly84726 and TSU (Still learning this one) as well as Google I do it for my love of reading and wanting to share it with others! I love reading many types of books, drama, mystery, paranormal, fantasy, historical, and comedy. I am always looking for new ways to review and find good books decided a book blogging facebook page was just the next best step. I also currently review for Chic Lit Plus, Chanticleer Reviews. I currently street team and Beta read for all many authors! My Favorite Genre's are as follows-although I will give almost anything a try...I do rarely read Erotica-it is simply a personal preference. Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci-fy, comedy, mystery, suspense, fictional, drama, Historical, Crime, etc

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